Dr. Raul Ruiz

He wanted to become a doctor. So, he went around his community and knocked on doors, looking for anyone that would invest in his education – in him. At that time, he had no idea that he would became the first Mexican-American to receive three degrees from Harvard.

The son of migrant farm workers, he wanted to be a doctor from a young age. To pay for college, he walked around his hometown asking for business owners to invest in his education. He told them he was going to become a doctor and that he would come back to his hometown to serve. Some did invest in him. Turns out, not only did he go to college, UCLA, but he also went on to become the first Mexican-American to receive three degrees from Harvard University. And he did come back to his hometown, to serve as a doctor. And then he found a new dream – to serve the public in Congress. Now, he’s a Congressman serving the 36th Congressional District of California, which includes his hometown of Coachella Valley.



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