Terry Gou

Ordinary wouldn’t begin to describe Terry. He worked at a grinding wheel in a rubber factory till he was 24. With some start-up money from his mother, and 10 elderly workers, he founded a company in a rented shed in Taiwan that made plastic parts for television sets. His big break came when Atari, the 1980’s video game maker, gave him a deal to make the joysticks for their consoles. Over the span of 30 years, his little company grew – a lot. Turns out, a couple of decades later, a guy in America named Steve Jobs asked Terry if he wanted to make cellular phones for his company, named Apple. Terry said okay. The rest is history.


The Forbidden City of Terry Gou

His complex in China turns out iPhones and PCs, powering the biggest exporter you’ve never heard of

– The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)



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