Adm. (RET) William H. McRaven at UTAustin (2014)

During a May 2014 address at the University of Texas at Austin commencement, Retired Admiral McRaven gave a moving address regarding lessons learned based on his life and over 37 years of serving within the United States military.



As a result of the overwhelming response to his 2014 UT Austin commencement address, Adm. McRaven wrote a book that was published and released mid-2017, called “Make Your Bed.” In it, he outlines and goes into greater detail about his 10 Lessons.


Adm. McRaven’s 10 Lessons

  1. Start your day with a task completed

  2. You can’t do it alone

  3. Only the size of your heart matters

  4. Life’s not fair – drive on!

  5. Failure can make you stronger

  6. You must dare greatly

  7. Stand up to the bullies

  8. Rise to the occassion

  9. Give people hope

  10. Never, ever quit!





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