Why is it called REDO?

The company is called REDO because in some way, shape or form, we’d all like a redo for something in our lives. We all struggled and failed at something. And the older we get, the more redos we wish were available. But, as we know, there are no real redos in life. Or, at least in the way we’d like them.  The redos we get are in the form of lessons learned and. sometimes, another opportunity to do it again. That’s what our brand is about – having the courage, conviction and resolve to do something over again, knowing that you weren’t successful the first time, you might not be successful this time, but you’re going to keep trying until you are successful eventually. Not giving up despite the circumstances and the outcomes. And sure, there are outliers to this concept, but we’re focusing on the majority of life’s activities that require audacity, perseverance, and grit. Our brand is built on the idea that if we want more, we must do more. No one owes us anything, it’s on us to go get what we want and if we want the next level of our lives, more out of our lives, we must dig deep within ourselves to drop dead weight and create the opportunities that will get us from where we are to where we want to be.


What does the company do?

The company is both a designer and seller of apparel. We have our own merchandise that we design, produce and sell. In addition to that, we also purchase apparel from other brands and designers and sell them on our website. However, regardless of whose material it is, the underlying threads will always remain the same – education and positive themes.


Why is it different than all the other apparel companies out there? 

We believe our difference lies in our passion. We are passionate about impacting and improving lives through education and positive themes. There are many other brands and vendors out in the marketplace, peddling all types of merchandise. What really sets us apart is the community around our products. We don’t want to just sell products. We want to create a community around them. We want to bring together folks that believe in the power of education as much as we do. We want to create a community of like-minded individuals that believe in the power of staying positive, despite the circumstances. And staying positive doesn’t mean being “chipper” and happy. We all have our bad days where the smile on our face dims and we are barely hanging on by a thread. To us, staying positive means not giving up. It’s not changing who we are because of what’s happening around us or to us. It’s continuing to battle, even when all hope seems lost. Going the extra mile. Taking the risks, even though the rewards don’t seem to exist. Persevering through adversity. That is the positive we believe in.