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Wu-Tang, Columbia University and Science…?

What do Wu-Tang, Columbia University and science have in common? GZA. That’s who. This hip-hop legend is an avid fan of science. So much so, that he co-founded a company called SCIENCE GENIUS with Dr. Christopher Emdin of Columbia University’s Teachers College. The program seeks to engage high school students in science using hip hop.

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The Meyerhoff Scholarship Program at UMBC

There is much to be said about this unique and nationally recognized program, and the myriad of ways in which it has, and is, changing the lives of the students and families involved in it.

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Dr. Freeman Hrabowski and UMBC

Dr. Hrabowski is getting a lot of recognition. Not for what he is saying, or has said, but for what he has done over his past 20+ years in education, and as President of the University of Maryland – Baltimore County (UMBC).

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MBA Podcaster

We are huge fans of this series. There is so much to learn from these episodes.


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This is an amazing book that introduces us to the concept of deliberate practice.

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